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Vladimir Kopychev,Google 5 stars Review

I can definitely recommend the therapist. I am currently in progress of my shoulder treatment, injured quite a while ago on a kickboxing training. I can already see a great improvement and can train again. The therapist is very skilled and experienced, definitely knows what he's doing. The treatment includes mostly stretching, massage, dry needling and exercises. Prices are very reasonable for Dublin, time slots are usually available. Definitely great specialist for sports injuries.

Santosh Pallae,Google 5 stars Review

The treatment I got here was brilliant .it saved me from a lot of pain.Tirupal Ragi is the person who treated me with his experience he was able to diagnose my problem correctly and treat it in no time. Really grateful and appreciate everything.

Radhika Alle, Google 5 stars Review

I recently had my physio sessions for Tennis Elbow Pain & difficult to do day to day work activities with Thirupal who took his time to truly listen and understand my problem. Very knowledgeable, professional and approachable. He clearly explained do 's and don't and also all the exercises to me. His hands on approach with incorporating dry needling treatment fixed my problem with no pain and able to do all my activites with out any problem , Thanks Thirupal ! Overall, a very positive experience. I highly recommend!.

P Terry, Google 5 stars Review from Local

My long-term back problem is finally fixed and I'm already back to routine activities. Truly is a wonderful physio! Thanks, Thirupal :).

Mick Shaw, Google 5 stars Review

Shoulder muscles were a painful spaghetti junction.3 visitst o Thirupal and I am on the road to recovery! Thanks again!.

Trent Williams

He is a miracle worker, he fixed my neck and shoulder blades problem, highly recommend.

Caroline Suresh

Following my shoulder pain and limited movements 365 physiotherapy treated my pain with an individual and comprehensive rehablitation plan. I received a professional and friendly service from Thirupal. He was excellent at demonstrating the exercises and techniques which made the treatment much easier. If I or anybody require further or any treatment in future, I would highly recommend 365physiotherapy, 100 percent guaranteed.

Sruthi Renuka, Google 5 stars Review

I was in bits with Neck Pain and Headaches but after three sessions including dry needling and hands on therapy with Thirupal Ragi, my headache is gone and I can sleep better, I feel less tired and have more energy nowadays. Provided great advice and exercises and also worked on my postural correction, now I have my appointments spaced out to maintain and condition the neck and also shoulder blades. Would highly recommend!.

Arun PT, Google 5 stars Review

Due to anterior cruciate (ACL) ligament injury and meniscus tear I had to undergo ACl reconstruction surgery. As part of post-operative physiotherapy I was going to a centre near my home. I felt the exercises were rushed and I felt overloaded. The physiotherapist also used to forcibly bend my knees now and then. Even after multiple weeks the degree of knee bend was very limited. I hardly got any explanation for the exercise regimen they asked me to do. Then I turned to Mr Thirupal for help. He took time to understand my issues. Asked me to measure the height of furniture and toilet commodes I use at home. He designed some exercises based on these. Within 3 weeks there was rapid improvement in the degree of bend my operated leg was capable of achieving. Almost within a month and a half I was able to bend my leg completely with my heel touching my buttocks. Following the exercise regimen I was able to achieve strength and stability very soon. I was able to get back to my cardio exercises like cycling and jogging. He also suggested the importance of keeping the postural muscles in optimal condition by suggesting appropriate stretching exercises. This not only strengthened leg muscles to protect my knee but also helped in maintenance of overall body fitness. I felt Mr Thirupal’s approach was individualized to my health condition. He tried to understand my personality and kept my unique needs in mind while designing the exercises. Interacting with him during these sessions also helped me understand my body better and it went a long way in relieving my anxiety. And above all all these sessions I mentioned were done online because I was based in India.

Anthony Hanrahan, Google 5 stars Review

Thirupal made an emergency call to my house on a Sunday morning about an hour or two after I first contacted him by text. By the time he left I could stand and walk again and was much improved and he was able to reassure me as to the cause and source of the pain. I had put my lower back out somehow and couldn't move before he arrived! Dry needling had an immediate effect and he gave me a some useful exercises to do which meant I was more or less back to normal in a couple of days - a huge relief - highly recommended!.

Andrew Dempsey,Google 5 stars Review

Thirupal is really knowledgable, thorough and helpful. Really helped me through some severe back pain and I’m now back to normal. Would highly recommend.

Aileen Mulfaul,Google 5 stars Review

I had a pre op THR physio with Paul today. He was very kind and explained the process in great detail . I am very happy with the attention to detail that he explained all that is involved with the Pre Op and Post Op process for A Hip Replacement.

Eileen McDermott,Google 5 stars Review

Having had low back and shoulder pain for several months, I had a really useful and practical session with Thirupal. I outlined short and medium term goals including from being able to drive pain free to a return to consistent running. After 3 weeks of completing the assigned excercises I have made really significant progress, I'm pain free, developing strength and experience better balance when moving.

Alison Hand,Google 5 stars Review

Excellent physiothpist. I've had a great improvement in the range of movement and strength in my knee.

Deirdre Quinn,Professor in DCU

I presented with debilitating back and got immediate relief. I am now following a home exercise programme and am gaining lots more flexibility. Many thanks to Thirupal Ragi.

Jack Mc Dermott

Had a long-term issue with my back and finally got it seen to by Thirupal (Paul). He was very friendly and knowledgeable; my injury was sorted out professionally and at a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend anyone to go see him.

Martin Mc Nutt

He is very good. Excellent to sorting out any issues I ever had… he recently fixed my knee problem , he is the best I ever had.
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